Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Young Colonists

The late 1800s witnessed the imperialistic Scramble for Africa, in which European nations vied for control of regions of Africa in an effort to secure labor and resources to feed the ever-expanding Industrial Revolution. The efforts of the British to secure the southern tip of the continent led them into unfortunate wars with the Zulu and the Boers (descendants of Dutch farmers).

In G.A. Henty’s The Young Colonists: A Story of the Zulu and Boer Wars, the Humphreys family moves from Derbyshire in England to the Transvaal in South Africa in the hope that a change of climate will be good for the mother’s health. Young Dick Humphreys and his friend Tom Jackson find that being colonists came with great risk. Join Dick and Tom as they seek to protect their family and fellow colonists as they vie for control with the Zulus and Boers.

Alacrity Press is proud to reprint Henty’s 1885 classic, The Young Colonists. The story is set in 19th century England and southern Africa. This title is available now in the Alacrity Press bookstore.

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