Tuesday, July 26, 2016

G.A. Henty's Jack Archer

G.A. Henry seems to have been at his best when writing about 19th-century conflicts involving the British. His extensive knowledge of the events, tactics, and military midst of the era cannot be beat. In Jack Archer, Henty introduces the reader to one of the 19th-century's seminal events—the Crimean War—and reveals the importance of the struggle.

Young Jack Archer has joined the British Army. When Great Britain and Russia go to war, Jack finds himself on the way to the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea. There, he joins in on the siege of Sevastopol. Through a series of adventures, Jack is captured and is befriended by a Russian noble family. Will Jack escape? What will become of the Russian family? Who will win the conflict in the Crimea? These and other questions will be answered in G.A. Henty’s Jack Archer: A Tale of the Crimea.

Set in eighteenth-century England, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), this book includes more than 100 geographical, historical, and explanatory footnotes to aid the modern reader. This book is available now in the Alacrity Press Amazon bookstore.

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