Sunday, December 20, 2015

An Unsinkable Titanic

Everyone knows the story of the Titanic. No, contrary to belief, Leonardo DiCaprio was not on board the ill-fated ship. It was widely believed that the cutting edge technology of the ship made it unsinkable. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Like most large scale tragedies, the causes were many and ill-timed. So what went wrong? How could such a tragedy take place?

In the preface to An Unsinkable Titanic, John Bernard Walker states, “It is the object of this work to show that, in our eagerness to make the ocean liner fast and luxurious, we have forgotten to make her safe.” Written just days after the sinking of the Titanic, Walker uses everyday language to show the reader how the Titatnic tragedy could have been prevented. This book provides insight to both the historical context of the Titanic tragedy and unveils technological understanding. An Unsinkable Titanic is available now in the Alacrity Press bookstore. 

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